Specializing in Community Management and Accounting Services

– since 1979

For over 40 years Property Management Consultants, Inc. (PMC) has committed to being the best solution for Community Association Management in San Diego County providing both HOA Management and HOA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.  We pride ourselves in providing the Board of Directors the tools and support they need to effectively govern their communities. Homeowner Associations are our passion.  Our staff is committed to providing service and support not only for the Board of Directors but also for the Association’s members and its vendors.  

Why Choose PMC as your HOA management company? 

Experience – With over 40 years of experience in HOA management working with Board of Directors we know what you are going through and we have the knowledge and experience to help you get through it.  Our association managers average more than 10 years of experience serving Homeowner Associations, are required to obtain industry certification and encouraged to continue industry education.  

Commitment– Property Management Consultants is committed to the success of each association and works with the Board of Directors to develop and implement strategies tailored to each Association.    

Our Services Include:

Management Services – Our Full Management packages are designed to reduce the work load of the Board of Directors so they can focus on governing and making timely, informed decisions.  Board Meeting prep, obtaining bids, site inspections, use restrictions and architectural compliance, maintaining Association files, communication with members and vendors, correspondence, collections, etc. We make it our job so you don’t have to make it yours. What is Portfolio Management?

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services – Even if you don’t need “Full Management” forming a relationship with a professional Community Association Management Company can be an important resource for the Board of Directors of self managed Associations. PMC is here to help by offering advice and consultation, assistance with interpreting the governing documents and civil code, providing professional vendor references and taking on some of the administrative duties that can easily become overlooked or quickly pile up.  Our Accounting Services Department is specifically designed for Self Managed Associations. No Association is too Small.

Maintenance – Whether your Association is brand new or 20 years old it can seem as though there is a never ending list of maintenance items that need attending.  Having access to reliable and reasonably priced maintenance services can reduce headaches and in some cases liability.  We can provide references for hundreds of vendors that work with Homeowner Associations in San Diego County.

Reserve Study – A full Reserve Study is required at least once every 3 years with annual updates.  A Reserve Study is one of the most important financial tools the Board of Directors has at its disposal.  If you are not updating your study regularly you may be missing important information and putting your Associations property and finances at risk.

Community Web Portals – In today’s technology driven society people expect easy access to information as well as fast, convenient communication. A community web portal provides that and more.  Update your contact information, check your payment history, access to Association documents, convenient communication with management or board representative, mass communication, architectural standards, instructions and more.  Your association CAN function without a community web portal – But Why?

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