Full Management

Prepare and Distribute Board Meeting Pack – The Board pack contains the information that will be discussed during the meeting to facilitate a focused and streamlined event. Financials, management report, contracts, architectural requests, member correspondence, previous draft minutes, etc.  Board packs are distributed prior to the meeting for review and preparation.

Board Meetings – PMC will prepare the agenda, provide member notice, secure meeting location if needed and attend.  Your representative will also draft minutes if requested.

Assist Homeowners – Your community members can contact us by phone, email or walk into our office.  We can distribute keys/remotes, provide copies of R&Rs, record complaints or maintenance concerns.  If they have an issue that is not related to the board or common area, we can help point them in the right direction to get their issue resolved.

Correspondence – receive, review and respond to all HOA correspondence as appropriate.

Obtain Bids – For projects that require estimates, PMC will obtain a Standard of Work when appropriate and obtain 3 like bids for boards review and approval.  PMC only works with service providers who can provide valid license, Bond, Liability and Workers Comp Ins

Assist in Interpretation and Enforcement of the governing documents and civil code.

Site Walkthrough – If requested, your representative will perform a walkthrough of the common area to check for member compliance of the use restrictions and rules and regulations.  This walkthrough is usually performed 1Xmonth prior to the board meeting and is followed up with draft and distribution of violation notices to elicit member cooperation.

Meet Vendors Onsite – When necessary, your representative can meet vendor’s onsite to provide access to project area for work or bid process.

Action List – Your representative will create an action list based on the minutes of the last meeting and will complete each item in a timely manner.

Insurance Claims – Your representative will review each claim for accuracy and work with homeowner and insurance company for resolution.

Community Web Portal Administrator – PMC will maintain your community web portal, update documents, mass correspondence, update calendar, provide appropriate notice of community happenings.