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PMC specializes in two fundamental community association services:

  1. Portfolio Management for Associations who request or need Full Management services
  2.  Accounting/Bookkeeping services for self-managed Associations.

Portfolio Management is a service where one Community Manager supports multiple Community Associations at the same time.  Each Community Association pays for a portion of the time the Community Manager and their staff need to perform the managerial, accounting and administrative duties of the portfolio depending on the needs of each Association.  Portfolio Management is the most common form of Community Association management and saves the Association a lot of money compared to hiring a full time or onsite manager.

We understand that Board Members are volunteers who often have very active lives outside of their duties to the community.  Board Members often find it hard to “make” more time.  PMC has the staff and experience to handle the day to day administrative duties and routine tasks so that the Board of Directors can focus on making informed decisions and effective governing. 

 Our mission is to support and assist the Board of Directors in the 3 major functions they have as the governing body of the community.

  1. Collecting Assessments
  2. Protecting/Maintaining the Common Area
  3. Enforcing the Associations Governing Documents 

Everything the Board of Directors does should fall into one of these 3 categories.  If it doesn’t then it may be time to reassess by what authority are you acting, what liability you are exposing yourself to and how much time you may be wasting doing things that are not intended of your volunteer position.

Whether you contract with us for Full Management or Accounting/Bookkeeping one of the most valuable resources provided at PMC are the administrative duties our staff performs on behalf of your association.  This service alone saves the Board of Directors countless hours each and every month.  Most homeowners do not realize how much actually goes on behinds the scenes to keep the Association operating.  See ADMINISTRATIVE for a comprehensive list.

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